On the basis of public tender of the Ministry for Labour, Family and Social Affairs, on the 1st of February 2006, the Centerkontura Company was appointed the license for performing the services of employment and vocational rehabilitation for the period of four years. The company was chosen for the area of the Ljubljana and Kranj Regional Agency of the Employment Agency of the Republic of Slovenia.

The company offers the following services:

  • consulting, encouraging and motivating the disabled for the active role in employing themselves
  • making the individual’s report about his/her level of working abilities, capabilities and interests
  • helping to get adjusted to own disability and informing about the possibilities of starting a rehabilitation and
  • helping to choose appropriate professional goals
  • developing of social skills
  • helping to look for an appropriate work or/and job
  • the analysis of the certain post or employment
  • making an outline of the needed equipment and means for work
  • training at the certain working post or for the chosen profession
  • monitoring and expertise help with training and educating
  • monitoring the disabled at the work post after the employment
  • monitoring and evaluating of the rehabilitation process success
  • evaluating of working goals achieved by the employed disabled
  • and performing of other tasks in vocational rehabilitation

The Centerkontura Company has been operating in the field of vocational and employment rehabilitation of the disabled and the long-term unemployed since 1998.

Within the »Zrno upanja« (the grain of hope) project it has developed several special programs for accelerating of the disabled and long-term unemployed training and employing as well as programs for back-up employing. A special program »Employment workshop« - a program of work inclusion - was intended to evaluate working potentials of physically and mentally hindered individuals and their training i.e. accelerating their adjusting capabilities. Attending the workshop the candidates acquire working and psychosocial skills for more successful inclusion into permanent work i.e. employment.

On the 14th of April 2006 the Centerkontura was chosen for the performing of the »social inclusion« programs by the Ministry for Labour, Family and Social Affairs of the Republic of Slovenia. In this program the company operates by the license of the Employment Agency of the Republic of Slovenia, The Institute for Pension and Disability Insurance of Slovenia and the interested employers.


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